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One of the things I love doing in this business is attending flea markets and shows. I love being there with the people and showing off the great collectibles I find. It is even better when I can introduce someone to a cool item that they want to have. These are more than a business transaction. This is a connection of one collector to another passing along the joy of finding those special items.

The one think I do not like about doing this is the packing and transporting of these items.

Packing is not easy or fun. Not only do I have to consider how to pack the items so they do not break after leaving storage, but I have to figure out what to bring. I have such an vast inventory that I could never set everything up in time to open a show!

Deciding what to bring is an art, not a science. Watching the markets and trying to figure out what will sell is something that has dumfounded a lot of people.

While sorting through my inventory to figure out what to bring to the Gaithersburg Indoor Flea Market, it is tempting to bring what I have a lot of. But there is a reason I have a lot of those items… they are not selling well.

As I was sorting I decided that I will bring the items that I consider the most fun and interesting. This means abandoning my old plan and packing some fun items that I hope the market goers like. It will give me an opportunity to talk with a lot of people and have fun.

After all, I named this company Having-Fun because it should all be fun!

For a preview of the inventory, watch the various social media feeds for images on Thursday!

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